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superlative ultrasonic appliance with highly developped technique

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An improvement with central steering for extremely large areas,operating with activated satellites.The unit operates on two frequency generators which are controled by a time interval clock for day and night operation.Each individual satellite is activated by its own IC, with function control lamp and steered by the central unit.Depending on the size of the location,up to 100 satellites can be connected to the central station.An effective range of up to 20.000 m² is covered with full utilization.Each active-satellite operates in the optimal range of 105 dB.Both facts,sound pressure and modulation (wobble-effect) causes irritation and stress according to scientific research.The rodents are thus expelled from the scanned area never to return.A coverage of several separate buildings is possible.On presentation of your draft we will mark the siting point for each satellite.

Technical data:

  • effective range maximum approx. 20.000m² with 100 satellites
  • power consumption max. 140W with 100 satellites
  • mains supply 230/240 V - 50 Hz (110 Volt upon request)
  • sound pressure of the satellites 105 dB
  • emission angle of the satellites 120°
  • frequency adjustable from 5-30 kHz
  • modulation adjustable
  • intensity adjustable
  • interval adjustable
  • 2 independent frequency generatoers being operated by timer
  • dimension: 48 cm / 25 cm / 16 cm
  • weight central unit : 5,6 Kg
  • weight active satellite : 0,34 Kg